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Selenium Counter & Tracker for Healthy Food Diets

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Health & Fitness Gastronomia e bebidas
Developer: First Line Medical Communications Ltd
1.99 USD

Use this app to count, track, chart and control your selenium intake for healthy male fertility, pregnancy and thyroid and antioxidant protection from DNA damage. A healthy selenium intake is associated with a lower risk of prostate, lung, bladder, skin, oesophageal, and gastric cancer, coronary heart disease and dementia. Vegans and people on hemodialysis or who have HIV may have low selenium levels. Additional app features include the at-a-glance descending order lists of selenium content of >300 common foods in μg and %RDA (Adult Daily Recommended Dietary Allowance) /100g to help you plan selenium-containing meals; and really useful hyperlinks to essential nutritional and healthy food information with ≈200 photos to support your weightloss, hearthealth or other diet. No internet connection, registration, personal details or additional payments required.
Use the count and organiser tools to keep a daily record and bar chart illustration of the selenium in μg and %RDA provided by 250 hearthealthy foods, 55 popular "not hearthealthy" foods, and foods you choose to add to the counter in the quantities you’ve eaten.
The interface is easy, quick, and intuitive to navigate, colour-coded, searchable, and zoomable using the pinch screen function. Viewable in landscape and portrait.